VK56 Off Road Racer

High comp VK56 Off Road Racer Engine

Engine Block 5523 Motorsports custom pistons 98.66mm Bore 0.5mm Offset pin bore 12.4:1 C/R 90 Series tool steel tapered ID pins 2816 T6 Forgings Modified ring stack (to accommodate shortened pin height) 92.0mm Stroke – Nissan Genuine Crankshaft 5523 Motorsports custom connecting rods 161.04mm Center to center (OEM spec 154.4mm) 21.0mm Pin bore 1.75:1 Rod […]

Sabas’s 2008 Nissan 350Z

Sabas's Nissan 350z Z33 high compression

Engine/Performance:  Weisco pistons  – 11:1 Compression BC connecting rods  Ported heads  Ported Lower plenum  Ported upper plenum and TB inlets  GTR 570cc injectors  AEM 320LhP pump EPS 70mm TB  Admin 3in intake adapters to lower Injens  Eps Pcv delete  JWT lightweight flywheel and clutch Tomei Extreme headers Tomei Titanuim test pipes  Currently on EBay Cat […]

Jen’s Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (B15) QR25DET

Turbo B15 Nissan Sentra Qr25DET

Engine Block Block modifications B15U 6N2 Cylinder Block Water Jackets 3/4 filled with DevCon Putty to eliminate core shift Main bearing saddles modified for extra oiling Cylinder bore increased 0.5mm Head gasket surface hand finished (1200grit) Internal parts Jim Wolf Technology designed 89.5mm JE Pistons 0.5mm oversize 8.5:1 C/R 0.5mm offset pin bore modified pin […]

Evan’s S13 Hatch SR20DET Drift Car

Evan's S13 240SX Drift Car SR20DET

Engine Block Bottom End 52F Casting 87.0 mm Bore 86.0 mm Stroke Z32 300ZXTT Pistons Z32 300ZXTT Piston Rings Balanced and micro polished 52F crankshaft Match lightened 52F connecting rods ARP connecting rod bolts RNN14 SR20DET piston oil squirters RNN14 SR20DET tri-metal main bearings – includes additional oiling holes OEM S13 SR20DET tri-metal connecting rod […]

Brandon’s Mazda MX-5 (NC) Turbo MZR 2.3 ltr

Turbo Mazda MX-5 NC Miata

As a long time fan of the MX5 chassis I was really excited when I got a phone call to build an MZR 2.3 ltr for a customer’s 2006 MX5. On top of some neat goodies in the engine we were going to be turbo charging the car. I can say that this car is […]

Project Miracle Whip – Chris’s Datsun 510

Project Miracle Whip Chris's Datsun 510 Restomod

Engine: JE Pistons – 86.5mm – 8.5:1 CR Eagle connecting rods Supertech Inconel exhaust valves Supertech black nitrided intake valves Supertech valve guides Jim Wolf Technology C1 camshafts Jim Wolf Technology SR20 valve springs Jim Wolf Technology adjustable cam gear sprocket WPC – oil pump gears / bearings / thrust washers 5523 Motorsports porting Tomei […]

Jacey’s NB2 Mazda Miata

Supercharged NB2 Mazda Miata

Engine: BP-VE VVL Block: Bore: 83.5mm (0.5mm Oversize) Diamond honed bores Stroke: 85.0mm Block completely de-burred / Casting flash removed from inside of block Oil galleries de-burred and polished Main saddles aline honed to true and resize Crankshaft: Factory Mazda 85.0mm crankshaft Rod journal oiling holes “teardropped” Oil gallery ball plugs removed / Galleries tapped […]

Jen’s 1982 Mazda RX-7 GSL – FB3S

Jen’s 1982 Mazda RX-7 GSL – FB3S

Fuel System/Ignition/Induction/Exhaust   Holley 4160 Carburator Holley FPR Holley Blue Fuel Pump MSD DIS-4 Digital Ignition Control MSD Blaster 2 Coils Racing Beat Intake Manifold Racing Beat Header Racing Beat Street Port Mid Pipe Racing Beat Street Port Exhaust Cooling System   Champion Aluminum Radiator Spal 10” Fans 5523 Custom Fan Shrouds OEM Oil Cooler […]