VK56 Off Road Racer

VK56 Off Road Racer Engine Build

Engine Block

5523 Motorsports custom pistons

  • 98.66mm Bore
  • 0.5mm Offset pin bore
  • 12.4:1 C/R
  • 90 Series tool steel tapered ID pins
  • 2816 T6 Forgings
  • Modified ring stack (to accommodate shortened pin height)

92.0mm Stroke – Nissan Genuine Crankshaft

5523 Motorsports custom connecting rods

  • 161.04mm Center to center (OEM spec 154.4mm)
  • 21.0mm Pin bore
  • 1.75:1 Rod to stroke ratio (OEM spec 1.68:1)

Nissan genuine head gasket

Nissan genuine main bolts

Nissan genuine tri-metal bearings (mains, rods, and thrust bearings)

5523 Motorsports ported oil pump

Nissan genuine water pump & thermostat

Cylinder Heads

JWT C9 camshafts

JWT valve springs

Nissan genuine DLC lifter buckets

5523 Motorsports modified timing chain guides Nissan genuine chains and tensioners

5523 Motorsports ported cylinder heads (gasket matched, tapered ports, blended bowls)

Nissan genuine retainers & keepers

Extrudabody 45mm taper bored ITB’s

Injector Dynamics 740cc injectors