5523 Motorsports offers engine development services, engine building, a full service, in house, machine shop, custom motorsports wiring solutions, race car prep, and maintenance, and off road vehicle development options, complete restomod services, complex mechanical, or electrical diagnosis, and parts sales.

5523 Motorsports is an independent, full service automotive performance, and repair facility, that specializes in all forms of motorsports, with a primary focus on Nissan, and Mazda engines, and vehicles. The primary focus at 5523 is Nissan, and Mazda vehicles, but there is extensive experience with all vehicles, ranging from Maserati, to Chevrolet, to Kia, to BMW, or any other manufacturer. 5523 Motorsports offers a large variety of services, for everything from street cars, to classic Japanese car restoration, or restomods, to fully prepared race cars, off road buggies, and anything in between.  5523 offers an unparalleled level of independent service.

5523 Motorsports uses OEM grade parts, or better, and the vehicle-specific trained, and ASE certified technicians understand your vehicle, and will be able to find issues quickly to ensure any service is completed, in a efficient way. All performance upgrades will be explained in advance, and everything is done to ensure you will be happy with the end result. 5523 strives to make having your vehicle worked on, a convenient, and pleasant experience.  5523 employees take pride in “getting it right the first time”.  The knowledgeable, and friendly staff are here to answer all of your questions, and make your visit to 5523 as simple as possible. This means that explaining the work done on your vehicle, in words you will understand. 5523 staff works with you to recommend independent services to help you take the best possible care of your vehicle, or the appropriate modification to reach your goal for your vehicle.

Just a few of the services 5523 offers:

  • Automatic transmission service
  • Brake system service, including ABS brakes
  • Clutch repair. and service
  • Computerized diagnostic for a variety of computer control systems
  • Cooling system service
  • Diagnostic for mechanical, and electrical symptom
  • ECU diagnosis, repair, and upgrades
  • Electrical system service, and repair
  • Engine repairs of all types
  • In house full service machine work
  • Exhaust system fabrication, repair, and replacement
  • Fuel injection service
  • Manual transmission service, and repair
  • Manufacturer scheduled maintenance
  • Oil change
  • Professionally recommended service
  • Restomods
  • Steering system service
  • Suspension system service, and upgrades
  • Timing belt replacement, and service
  • Used vehicle/pre purchase inspections
  • Wiring harness diag, OEM replacements, or custom fabrication

If you want your vehicle driving experience to be more exciting, you need to call, or email today! 5523 employees extensive experience with the performance side of the industry, and a significant part of 5523 Motorsports beginnings were based around racing, and engine development. This means there is over 40 years experience modifying vehicles. 5523 employees have seen, and done a lot, and have tried, and tested parts, and combinations extensively. All this trial, and error showed enhancements work well, which ones don’t, and where (if possible) compromises can be made. 5523 employees listen to what your needs, and wants are, and provide reliable solutions that remain within your budget.

Tell us what you want your car to do, and trust us to tell you how to get that result, in a way that maintains reliability, drivability, and gets the end performance result. Although we do offer independent service for vehicles driven regularly, on public roads, the focus at 5523 is on vehicles that are for racing, and off-road. This means that solutions must be reliable, effective, and attain the determined end result. We look forward to your performance inquiry.


One of the biggest challenges is deciding which parts will be right for you. This is where you can count on 5523 Motorsports to recommend performance parts based on actual experience, and let you know what you can expect. When choosing a performance product, it is very important to maintain a level of quality, and performance. Unfortunately, there are parts out there that claim to increase performance, but do not provide reliable, drivablity, or the expected performance results. 5523 employees are here to provide you with information to minimize this possibility.

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