5523 Motorsports offers custom, integrated wiring harnesses for many applications, and control units, with a focus on Nissan, and Mazda vehicles.  Also available are plug and play wiring solutions for many applications.  Contact us with details on your project, and we will let you know how we can help.

Engine control systems continue to become more complex, which results in more and more complex wiring to support them. At 5523 Motorsports, we strive to produce wiring solutions for any project you can dream up. From swapped street cars to fully prepared race cars, we have the solution.

We have several wiring options for you to choose from. These range from a basic OEM style wiring harness utilizing copper stranded interconnect wire and plastic split looming to a near MIL spec harness utilizing Teflon jacketed silver wire with fire retardant PFTE wire sleeving.  Also available are weather resistant wiring solutions for vehicles that are subjected to harsh conditions.  We have built harnesses for record setting Land Speed Race Cars and Formula Drift drivers cars as well as Factory Five Cobra project cars.

Matt Powers Drift Car Wiring

Check out the article detailing Matt Powers AEM Infinity 58X LS drift car wiring integration completed by 5523 Motorsports at Moto-IQ

Moto-IQ Project LSR Wiring

Check out the custom, weather resistant wiring harness designed and built by 5523 Motorsports for the Project 240SX LSR Car with the 5523 Motorsports SR15VET engine at Moto-IQ

Ron Francis Wiring

Check out the article detailing 5523 Motorsports harness integration from the Ron Francis kit harness to the Ford Coyote engine harness to the AEM layover harness for Power Automedia.