VK56 Off Road Racer

High comp VK56 Off Road Racer Engine

Engine Block 5523 Motorsports custom pistons 98.66mm Bore 0.5mm Offset pin bore 12.4:1 C/R 90 Series tool steel tapered ID pins 2816 T6 Forgings Modified ring stack (to accommodate shortened pin height) 92.0mm Stroke – Nissan Genuine Crankshaft 5523 Motorsports custom connecting rods 161.04mm Center to center (OEM spec 154.4mm) 21.0mm Pin bore 1.75:1 Rod […]

New Product Release – Plug & play Nissan/Infiniti air fuel ratio sensor extension harnesses

5523 Motorsports AFR Wiring Harness

DISCONTINUED: Due to parts availability issues we have had to discontinue production of the extension harnesses. NEW PRODUCT RELEASE!! We have finally responded to popular request! Introducing 100% plug and play Nissan and Infiniti air fuel ratio sensor extension harnesses. These are available for ALL sensors used by Nissan dating back to the late 1980’s. […]