Jacey’s Mazda Miata MX-5 NB2

Jaceys' NB2 Miata Project

Engine: BP-VE VVL


Bore: 83.5mm (0.5mm Oversize)
Diamond honed bores
Stroke: 85.0mm
Block completely de-burred / Casting flash removed from inside of block
Oil galleries de-burred and polished
Main saddles align honed to true and resize

Factory Mazda 85.0mm crankshaft
Rod journal oiling holes “teardropped”
Oil gallery ball plugs removed / Galleries tapped and plugged with proper threaded plugs.
Straightened and precision balanced, micropolished journals
5523 Motorsports thread-in oil restrictor


King XP series tri-metal race bearings – mains and rods
ARP Main Studs
ARP Head Studs
ARP Flywheel Bolts

Pistons / Rods:

JE Pistons 2618 T6 Low Silicone alloy
JE Pro Seal Piston Rings 1.0/1.2/2.8mm
Top ring – Carbon Steel, Hard Nitrided, Barrel Faced, Neutral, Back Cut
2nd ring – Ductile Iron, Phosphate Coated, Napier Faced, Neutral, Back Cut
Oil ring – Carbon Steel, Nitrided, SS50U Type
JE 51 Series Wrist Pins:
5115 Low Carbon Steel; Case Hardened; Straight Wall, 97g
20.0mm (0.787″) diameter; 57.15mm (2.250″) length; 4.5mm (0.180″) wall thickness
JE Wire Locks:
Chrome Silicone, 0.050″ thickness

Eagle Rods, standard length (132.95mm; 5.234″)
Precision Balanced
5523 Motorsports modified small ends (pin bushings uprated and honed; additional pin oiling galley added)
3/8″ ARP 2000 Big End Bolts


New Mazda piston oiling jets
New mazda oil jet valves
Oil Pump: inner and outer rotors are 4340 chromoly with 5523 modifications to correct issues. Trash removed from passages, refinished poorly machined surfaces, extensive de-burring & re-profiling, bores tapped, press in galley plugs removed, thread in galley plugs installed, oil pressure relief valve re-shimmed to increase max pump output, relief valve de-burred and polished

Cylinder Head:

5523 Motorsports BP-VE Race prepped cylinder head
5523 Stainless Steel Intake Valves, 1.0mm oversized
5523 Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves, 1.0mm oversized
5523 Manganese Bronze valve guides – diamond honed
5523 Ported – gasket matched and tapered; port dividers knife edged; bowls blended into port roof; short side radius profiling to smooth transition; intake valve guides blended into port roof; combustion chamber volume balanced; chambers blended; all oil gallery ball plugs removed, holes tapped, threaded plugs installed

Tomei PONCAM camshafts

*Solid Lifter
*Small Base Circle
Intake 252* 10.80mm
Exhaust 262* 10.00mm
Tomei Lifter Bucket Conversion (taller bucket skirts to accommodate higher lift)
Lash adjustment shims moved from top of lifter (between cam lobe and lifter, factory location) to bottom of lifter (between valve stem and lifter)
Fidanza adjustable exhaust cam sprocket
Gates Racing Kevlar Timing Belt
Mazda tensioner pulley and idler pulley
Cometic MLS Headgasket (0.030″ thick)


Coolant system re-route – hot water discharge moved to rear of cylinder head
Water pump flange machined to decrease impeller to pump housing clearance
Water pump housing re-profiled and de-burred
Samco radiator hoses

5523 Oil Cooler w/ oil filter relocated
5523 Power Steering Cooler
5523 power steering reservoir
5523 header heat shield
5523 supercharger cooling system
304 seamless tubing

JDM intake manifold, EGR deleted
5523 taper bored throttle chamber


Custom Valved Ohlin DFV coilovers with hypercoil springs 700/400 pound springs
Keisler Automation Drop spindles front and rear
R-package Miata front tie rods
Bauer Extended front lower ball joints
Racing Beat hollow front sway bar with 949 racing adjustable end links. No rear sway bar
Energy Suspension Poly bushings
ARP studs
Go Fast Brakes 6 Piston Wilwood Front Big Brake Kit
Stainless steel braided brake lines
15×10 6UL Wheels with 245/40R15 RS4 Tires


Autoexe/Mazdaspeed 3 point shock tower brace
Fidanza lightweight Flywheel
Spec 6 puck Clutch
Racing Beat 4/1 header
Racing Beat resonated midpipe
Roadstersport axle back
Koyo dual pass radiator
Kraftwerks Rotrex c30-74 supercharger
Turbosmart Race Port


Garage Vary Fast back
Mazdaspeed floating type rear spoiler
Mazdaspeed front turbo lip
Chaser Aero vented bonnet
Mazdaspeed head lights
Garage vary headlight covers
Morette Tail lights
Ryoko Rob Front and Rear Tow hooks


Infinifab Carbon Fiber Lotus Exige seats with Ryoko Rob seat mounts
6 point Racequip Harnesses
BlackBird Fabworx 4 point Rollbar
Mazdaspeed Miata black dash and carpet
Jetstream shorty center console
Mazdaspeed carbonfiber shift knob
Miataroadster short throw 6 speed shifter
Revlimiter custom gauge faces
Custom wrapped door panels based off LRB aluminum door panels
Mazdaspeed Dcut Leather Steering wheel, Red mazdaspeed Horn button with Daikei Boss Hub.