Race Car Prep & Off-Road Vehicles

Race Car Prep & Off Road Vehicles

Race Car Prep
5523 Motorsports offers everything you need to get your race car ready to help you win that upcoming race. Keeping a race car competitive can be a difficult task for anyone. Every product you choose needs to both adhere to the rules and it also needs to function well. We all know that light weight and rigid chassis with a lot of down force are important but maybe you don’t know how to get the car perfectly dialed in. That’s where we come in, we will work with you to make that perfect driving machine.

Roll cages are important for a variety of reasons. The most important of course is for the protection of the driver. If the unfortunate happens and you are involved in a roll over, you need to be protected. Roll cages also have another function, they help with chassis rigidity, which in turn helps with handling. We offer roll cage design, fabrication and installation of either a fully custom cage or a cage that adheres to the rules and regulations of the sanctioning body for the type of racing you are interested in.

We all know that race cars need to be as light as possible. The big question is why is that important and how do you make that happen without sacrifice to the structural integrity of the car. The weight of the car plays a role in not only acceleration but also the way the car handles or gets around corners. The less weight to move around the easier it is for the car to accelerate and turn. If you take two cars with identical powertrains but one is substantially lighter, the lighter car will have a significant advantage. We can help you cut weight from your race car. We will use light weight materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber or aluminum, to name a few, whenever possible and we will remove any items not necessary for your safety or the function of the car.

Aerodynamics and down force also play a big role in the way the car get around the racetrack. We will work with you to make sure that your car has everything you need to create enough down force to keep you planted to the track. Custom diffusers, wings, canards, wind splitter and reinforced bumper sub-assemblies are a few of the options we have to improve down force. We will discuss your options with you.

A properly tuned suspension is invaluable to a race car and it’s driver. Selection of the proper suspension components can be a daunting task. Once you have picked out the parts you want setup and fine tuning of those precision parts is just as important as the parts themselves. We will work with you to select the right parts for your application and we offer custom alignments to make sure that those new suspensions parts are perfectly dialed in.

Race cars face a set of challenges that street cars do not. They have a lot of on-board gauges, controllers, data loggers and fire suppression units that a street car would never needs. On top of all these additions a race car team generally removes all of the creature comforts that a modern street car has like power windows, door locks, power, heated or cooled seats and navigation. The question then becomes what do you do about the wiring harness? Do you simply keep the stock harness and tap into it as needed or do you remove unnecessary circuits and create new ones for the new components. 5523 Motorsports can help with the latter. We offer complete wiring solutions for race cars. Simplifying the harness can greatly simplify your life.

Off Road Vehicles

Building reliable off road vehicles presents a new set of challenges that is never faced with road cars. Not only does an off road vehicle needs to do all the things that on road cars do but it also needs to stand up to the extreme punishment of off-roading. Sand, dirt, gravel and the like present a massive challenge. Not only does that need to be taken into consideration when building and choosing an engine but it also needs to be taken into consideration in the wiring and ecu solutions as well as suspension choices. 5523 Motorsports can aid with the engine and wiring solutions. We can also aid in the design of custom parts which are capable of protecting your engine and costly electronics from the rigors of off-roading.

We offer everything from full vehicle construction (not including the chassis/chassis design) to simple wiring solutions, to turn-key engine packages. We can help you build your dream toy. Please contact us with any questions you may have at info@5523motorsports.com.