Jen’s Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V (B15) QR25DET

Jen's B15 Sentra SE-R Spec V with custom QR25DET

Engine Block

Block modifications
B15U 6N2 Cylinder Block
Water Jackets 3/4 filled with DevCon Putty to eliminate core shift
Main bearing saddles modified for extra oiling
Cylinder bore increased 0.5mm
Head gasket surface hand finished (1200grit)
Internal parts
Jim Wolf Technology designed 89.5mm JE Pistons
0.5mm oversize
8.5:1 C/R
0.5mm offset pin bore
modified pin height to accommodate longer connecting rod
9000 series tool steel piston pin
narrow minor side skirt
JE wire locks
high silicone content
4032 alloy
Swain Thermal Barrier Coat on crowns
Swain PC-9 coating on skirts
Jim Wolf Technology designed Crower connecting rods
148.25mm 5.2mm longer than OEM (143.05mm)
Crower Fasteners
OEM D22U KA24DE Piston rings 0.5mm oversize
OEM B15U tri-metal main bearings
upper shells modified for extra oiling
WPC Treated
OEM L32 tri-metal rod bearings
WPC Treated
OEM B15U upper and lower thrust washers
OEM B16U Spec V fully weighted crankshaft
OEM micro-polished journals
balanced to 0.0001″
D40 QR25DE crank trigger wheel to accommodate B15U control system
OEM B15U Main Bolts (torque to yield)
updated crankshaft position sensor
Jim Wolf Technology Balance Shaft Removal Kit

Cylinder Head

Head Modifications
B15U 8H3 Cylinder Head
All casting flash removed
Valve seat blended to valve bowl
Short radius side of valve bowls smoothed and blended into port floors
Port size increased slightly
Head gasket surface hand finished (1200 grit)
3 angle valve job. All valve seats hand lapped
Head clearanced to accommodate intake cam lobes
Internal Parts
Jim Wolf Technology C1 camshaft set
282°/249° duration (phaser off)(intake/exhaust)
0.478″/0.407″ lift (intake/exhaust)
valve lash 0.010″ at room temperature
Jim Wolf Technology QR25DE Valve spring set
OEM B15U valve retainers and keepers
OEM B15U Valve guides
OEM B15U Valve seats
Modified OEM B15U Intake Valves – milled valve stem tips approx. 0.100″
OEM S35 Exhaust valves
OEM Z33 VQ35VHR DLC lifter buckets
OEM B16U Spec V head gasket
OEM B16U Head Bolts (torque to yield)
updated camshaft position sensor
Viton valve stem seals

Cooling System

Koyo aluminum radiator
OEM B15U thermostat and water control valve
Nismo radiator cap
5523 swirl pot and seperator tank
Water pump housing milled to decrease clearance to pump impeller.
Water pump housing bored 1mm from back of impeller to water pipe
5523 oil cooler kit and oil filter relocation kit w/ Earls cooler core

Fuel System/ECCS/Ignition/Induction

B15U Fuel Rail modified for fuel return
A33 fuel pump cage modified with B15U fuel level sending unit
Walbro 255 high flow fuel pump
adjustable fuel pressure regulator TBD
Seimans 60lbs fuel injectors
flow tested
@ 3.0 BAR
@ 3.5 BAR
OEM 7S000 Mass Air Flow Meter
Jim Wolf Technology tuned ECU
B15U upper and lower intake manifolds w/ modified power valve.
power valve is fully functional – short butterfly screw replaced with longer screws. Swedged on thread side w/red locktite
OEM Ignition Coils
temp. 6 OEM plugs
OEM throttle chamber

Turbo System

Turbonetics B15 Base kit
cast log style exhaust manifold
T3/T4 frame turbo
38mm Evolution Wastegate w/ 1BAR spring
Raptor BOV – recirculated
All hardware replaced with OEM Nissan hardware – inconel
modified downpipe
Spearco I/C
T-bolt clamps used throughout


Jim Wolf Technology aluminum flywheel
Jim Wolf Technology 350Z clutch kit – 1200kg pressure plate
OEM 6 speed w/ helical differential
Nismo front and rear bushing kit
Wilwood 4 piston dynalite calipers with fastbrake 12.2″ slotted rotors
Hawk HP+ pads
something bigger in the back coming soon
TWM short shifter
Tein HA coilovers w/ camber plates – Modified (for N15)
Nismo rear sway bar
Nismo front tie bar
Nismo strut bar (currently removed)


Nismo wheels
Fiber Images C/F hood
APR custom front wind splitter