At 5523 Motorsports, we believe reliability is the first priority when building any engine. We work with industry leaders to develop top quality parts that will, not only open the door to great performance possibilities, but the reliability that is necessary to win. There will be no chance to win, or lose, if you can’t finish the race. Encountering engine problems, when you’re having a good day out, can be demoralizing, embarrassing, and of course, extremely frustrating. We aim to prevent problems, and frustrations before they happen. We have the experience, and ability to make your motorsports ambitions a reality, and look forward to helping you on that journey.

5523 Motorsports offers custom wiring solutions for anything you can dream up. We can replicate your existing weathered, and worn out OEM harness, build a new harness that integrates your stand alone ECU using OEM quality parts, a new Mil-Spec harness, a full weather tight motorsports harness, or anything in between. 5523 Motorsports wiring harnesses utilize OEM connector, not aftermarket clones, with optional upgraded Mil-Spec circular connectors, or motorsports connectors, and Tefzel wire options. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Do you have a Japanese classic car that you just love, but hate the outdated feel? Do you wish that the drum brakes were a modern big brake kit? Do you with your old reciprocating ball steering was a rack, and pinion? Do you wish your carbureted L16 was a more modern, fuel injected SR20DET? At 5523 Motorsports, our job is to make your vision a reality. We thrive on breathing life back into all these Japanese classic makes, and models, admittedly though, we have out own favorites. 5523 Motorsports is a one-stop shop for vintage Japanese restomods. We have the reasoned experts, advanced tools, and technological know-how to turn your well loved shell of a classic into an ultimate drivable dream.

Project cars are a labor of love that require time, dedication, know-how, and a lot of hard work. For some people, a project car is something to do with their friends on the weekends, and to others it may be something they want built by a professional, so they can just have fun with it without the downtime. Quality parts, proper planning, and craftsmanship make a world of difference, and can reduce frustration, and inability to enjoy your toy. We all love to show our cars off, and the more you can do that, while having fun with your car, the better. Here are some of our projects, and customer cars.

5523 Motorsports has worked with some of the industry leaders to develop winning engine packages, wiring, and tuning solutions, and vehicles that win races. Notably, 5523 Motorsports built the Moto-IQ Project Land Speed Racer, which holds multiple records at Bonneville, and El Mirage, along with a VQ35 engine for Dai Yoshihara’s 350z drift car, complete wiring solution for Matt Powers S14 drift car, and many others. Check out our latest work…