Datsun 280z Restomod

Do you have a Japanese classic car that you just love but hate the outdated feel?  Do you wish that the drum brakes were a modern Big Brake Kit?  Do you wish your old reciprocating ball steering was a rack and pinion?  Do you wish your carbureted L16 was a more modern, fuel injected, SR20DET?

At 5523 Motorsports, our job is to make your vision a reality.  We thrive on breathing life back into all Japanese classic makes and models, admittedly though, we have our own favorites. 5523 Motorsports is a one-stop shop for vintage Japanese RestoMods.  We have the seasoned experts, advanced tools and technological know-how to turn your well loved shell of a classic into a spectacular driving machine.

Communication is key to makings your RestoMod dream a reality.  We put special care and thought, throughout your RestoMod project, into every part we add and every service we perform. Whether rebuilding an engine, or fabricating a custom sub-frame to accept a modern engine, our trusted technicians are very particular about the quality of their work.  It may border on OCD. It is because of their attention to detail and expertise, that, as a 5523 Motorsports client, you never have to doubt your investment.

For some, budget is a non-issue; for others, more modest financial constraints are a factor.  From full blown race cars, to the weekend show car, there is one common denominator with our customers, everyone is passionate about their dream car vision. We have an abundance of RestoMod options and services available to accommodate your dreams. Without exception, the end result is always the ultimate drivable dream, built precisely to your specifications, with the fit and finish of a show car.  If you can dream it we can do it.