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Do you have a Japanese classic car that you just love but hate the outdated feel?  Do you wish that the drum brakes were a modern Big Brake Kit?  Do you wish your old reciprocating ball steering was a rack

Engine Development

Building a high performance engine can be a daunting task at the best of times. We have the experience and ability to make your motorsports ambitions a reality and look forward to helping you on that journey. At 5523 Motorsports,

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Check out all of 5523 Motorsports past and current projects, with detailed articles about our wiring harnesses, engine builds, full car builds, and restomod projects.

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  Check out 5523 Motorsports’ project cars. You can see customer builds, shop cars, engine builds, wiring harness builds, and everything else going on at 5523


5523 Motorsports offers custom, integrated wiring harnesses for many applications, and control units, with a focus on Nissan, and Mazda vehicles.  Also available are plug and play wiring solutions for many applications.  Contact us with details on your project, and