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Project S13 Silvia: Taking 2 Pounds off the Bouncy Bits!

By Dave Coleman The last installment of Project Silvia was a story of tragedy. A tempting, but ultimately unnecessary attempt to broaden my powerband, coupled with a string of bad luck, and my own staggeringly shortsighted outdoor storage strategy had


Street To Salt: Can This S13 Top 200mph? SPECIAL FEATURE Words Keith Charvonia      Images  Larry Chen of Speed Hunters CHAPTER ONE The triple crown Looking at the image above you might be tempted to feel a bit jealous. That’s a

Bardabe Build: SRZ32 Part 2

By Juan Vargas I promise, I’m not trying to make this be an annual build update blog, this project should of honestly gone by much quicker but with the whole me getting Kerryann’s old R32 it really put my finances

QR25DE Engine Teardown Part 1: Cams & Lifters

Working on a custom long rod QR25DET build for a B15 Sentra. Now that we have the engine out of the car, we need to tear the engine down, and take measurements. Once measurements have been taken, we can start