The little NB2 Miata that could – Part 2: Chassis & drivetrain

NB2 That Couple Part 2

The little NB2 Miata that could – Part 2: Chassis & drivetrain By: Jen Hunter In our last installment, we outlined the Mazda 1.8ltr BP-VE engine we built for Jacey’s NB2 Miata race car.  With the engine blueprinted and assembled, it was time for installation in the chassis.  Of course, project cars never stop with […]

Evan’s S13 Hatch SR20DET Drift Car

Evan's S13 240SX Drift Car SR20DET

Engine Block Bottom End 52F Casting 87.0 mm Bore 86.0 mm Stroke Z32 300ZXTT Pistons Z32 300ZXTT Piston Rings Balanced and micro polished 52F crankshaft Match lightened 52F connecting rods ARP connecting rod bolts RNN14 SR20DET piston oil squirters RNN14 SR20DET tri-metal main bearings – includes additional oiling holes OEM S13 SR20DET tri-metal connecting rod […]

Jacey’s NB2 Mazda Miata

Supercharged NB2 Mazda Miata

Engine: BP-VE VVL Block: Bore: 83.5mm (0.5mm Oversize) Diamond honed bores Stroke: 85.0mm Block completely de-burred / Casting flash removed from inside of block Oil galleries de-burred and polished Main saddles aline honed to true and resize Crankshaft: Factory Mazda 85.0mm crankshaft Rod journal oiling holes “teardropped” Oil gallery ball plugs removed / Galleries tapped […]

The little NB2 Miata that could – Part 1 The BP-VE

NB2 Miata That Could Part 1

The Little NB2 Miata that could – Part 1 The BP-VE / BP-Z3  By Jen Hunter What do you do when your NB2 Miata with a bolt on supercharger kit and stock engine just isn’t putting down the time you want at the AutoX track on the weekend?  Over nights parts from Japan? Ok, now […]

Project Nissan Silvia: Over 2 Pounds Less Bouncy Stuff!

Moto-IQ Project S13 Silvia

Project S13 Silvia: Taking 2 Pounds off the Bouncy Bits! by Dave Coleman  The last installment of Project Silvia was a story of tragedy. A tempting, but ultimately unnecessary attempt to broaden my powerband, coupled with a string of bad luck, and my own staggeringly shortsighted outdoor storage strategy had reduced my stone-reliable SR20DET into […]